What to Know Before You Remodel

Know the Woes of Remodeling

Remodeling a house isn’t exactly like your TV version of a flip or flop situation. After a few days you might get frustrated. Flip off your house. Flop on your couch, say forget it, and leave a project half finished. Remodeling can take lots of money and time, but it can also be done efficiently. Before you jump in to your project, make sure you know what your getting yourself into. Here are some things to keep in mind as you move forward with your remodel:


Think about what you want out of your remodel, and set that goal. If you don’t have a goal set, what is there to achieve? Setting a goal will help you visualize the end project, as well as help set up a plan for the remodel. Now, do NOT expect everything to go perfectly to plan (because life). But – knowing and understanding your remodel intention is important so when/ if problems arise, you can handle them without going off the rails. On top of that, when you plan correctly, it’s easier to keep on budget!


Just like you need a remodel goal, you need a budget. Setting a budget and keeping firm to it will make decisions a little easier. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting a brand new HGTV-esque remodel, however, before you book the contractor, look into the low budget upgrades that can make your home feel new. Remember to allow a little wiggle room in case of any unexpected costs.


Think about it. Would you buy a new car without doing even a little research? (Hopefully the answer to this is no.) Do some research on contractors, builders, designs; maybe even take a scroll through Pinterest. Ask friends and family that have remodeled about their experience, and learn from their triumphs and mistakes. If you’re more of a DIY-er, watch some instructional videos, read some home renovation articles, and understand what you CAN do. Understand what is reasonable for you to do yourself, and what things would be better suited to let a professional do. When searching for a remodeler, contractor, or other professional, make sure you look into whoever you hire. Read customer reviews, if they have pictures of work or a website – check ‘em out, and, most importantly, make sure you trust them.


Whether you are doing the remodel alone or hiring someone, plan early and look at your calendar. Start from the end date and work backwards to see how much time it really gives you to remodel. Take another look at your goals and see how much time and money you really need to give a project.

Whether you do go down a DIY route or end up hiring someone, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The best thing you can do is plan, and then be flexible if/when the plan doesn’t work out quite as nicely as you’d hoped.

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