Make the Most Out of Summer

Getting the most out of what’s left of summer.

Let’s be honest, the first month (or two) of summer doesn’t always go to plan. Whether it flew by  before you even blinked or the lovely Ohio weather hindered your plans. Bucket list items are left unchecked and before you know it August is here and everyone is heading back to school. But, there’s still a whole MONTH before school starts! There are still plenty of opportunities left to do something fun and exciting. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your summer… no matter how many days you have left!


Did you know taking time to be outside can actually improve your health? One study found that people who spent time outdoors, found a decrease in both their heart rates and in their cortisol levels- a hormone used as a marker for stress. Taking a walk outside (like on the Heart of Ohio Trail) can even help lower blood pressure. Just spending a little bit of time in the great outdoors can also help reduce mental fatigue. Give your brain a boost by checking out parks, lakes, or the woods. Even looking at pictures of nature can help your mental energy bounce back. Don’t feel like venturing from your home? With a little bit of chalk, your driveway can become a perfect canvas for a summer mural, game of hopscotch, or another Pinterested game.


Whether it’s scheduling time to check off a bucket list item or even baking cookies, taking a little time to do something you and your family truly enjoys is never a day wasted. Some other ideas include:

  • Plant a garden
  • Make a schedule
  • Take a 30 minute electronic break
  • Start a book

If none of these are appealing, you can always do some research on Google or Pinterest!


There are so many wonderful things to see in Central Ohio, and they’re all a short drive away, which helps the budget too. Centerburg is the geographical center of Ohio, but have you ever seen the rock that marks the exact point? (Get directions to the park here <link>.) We are also extremely lucky that the Heart of Ohio Trail runs right through our town. Take a bike ride towards Sunbury or Mount Vernon! Venture towards Columbus to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens or if the weather isn’t in your favor, take a day to explore the exhibits at COSI. If you need some greenery indoors or outdoors, check out the Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo. Stay more local with the upcoming fairs. The Knox County Fair takes place during July 21-27, and the Hartford Fair runs from August 4-10. 


You work hard! You don’t always have to play hard though. Summer is a time to relax, so take advantage of the opportunity to be lazy! Take some time to do nothing. Hang out in a hammock, take a nap, sit outside with a coffee, tea, juice, water, beer, wine, whiskey… whatever you’re feeling.


Take advantage of the warm, sunny days while you can. You deserve a great summer anyway!